List five sources of help that you can turn to when considering mathematics programs.

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Numbers, Computation, and Mathematical Properties EDUC318-Midterm Assessment

(Covers Chapter 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8)

Name: /85 points

Work each problem using one of the problem solving strategies (from the text or DB work) and give an answer. Name and show the strategy. Give a brief explanation for your answer. (5 points possible each for problems 1-6 for a total of 30.)

1. Kyle had four bags of candy that he bought for $1.50 per bag. Each bag has six

pieces of candy in it. How many more bags does he need to buy to give each of his

twenty-five classmates one piece? How much will it cost altogether?

2. Four students in Mr. Johnson’s class played Monopoly. Austin won the game.

Rebecca placed ahead of Alexander. Michael placed ahead of Rebecca. Who placed


3. A rooster lays 5 brown eggs on Monday and 6 white eggs on Tuesday. How many

eggs did the rooster lay?

4. Jasmine had $4.00. She bought four lollipops that sold at two for 18 cents, two

candy bars for 65 cents each, and a notebook for $1.46. How much money did she

spend? How much money did she get back?

5. Kevin and Katherine collect hockey cards. Kevin has four more than Katherine.

Together, they have fourteen. How many does each one have?

6. There are three overlapping circles. There are eight bears in circle A, six bears in

circle B, and eight bears in circle C. Three of the bears are in both circles A and B.

One of the bears is in both circles B and C How many bears are there in all?

Answer the following constructed response answers in “your own words”.

(3 points each for questions 7-15 for a total of 27.)

7. What is the significance of the Common Core State Standards Initiative?

8. Explain what is meant by each of the following principles:

Technology –

Curriculum –

Teaching –

Learning –

Assessment –

Equity –

9. List five sources of help that you can turn to when considering mathematics programs.

10. Your text states that “mathematical ideas can be represented in different ways.” Show and briefly discuss three ways to represent the number 25.

11. Discuss your role in helping your students to develop their problem solving skills?

12. What are some of the characteristics of a child who has a good sense of numbers?

13. Discuss three types of pattern activities which may be used to develop prenumber concepts and for each provide an example.

14. Compare and contrast rote counting and rational counting.

15. Give an example to illustrate each of the following types of numbers: cardinal, ordinal, nominal

Place value-In the classroom 8-4, page 161

Work through the activity on the power of 10 on the thousands chart. Write out your answers to the following from the activity. (10 points possible-2 for each bulleted item.)

Count by 10

· Tell (explain/describe) about a pattern you found.

· Describe a quick way to count “a hundred more” on this thousands chart.

Count by 100

· Tell how you could use the thousands chart to add 300 to 240.

· Tell how you could use the thousand chart to add 290 to 240.

Connect 100 chart and 1000 chart

· Tell how using the hundred chart helps you use the thousand chart.

Complete the two extended response problem solvers, use, show and name at least two strategies for solving the problem and identify your answer. Briefly explain why you think it is the correct answer. (9 points possible each for a total of 18.)

1. The school newspaper is interviewing sixth-grade students to see what sports they follow regularly on television. Of the 70 students interviewed; 40 enjoyed basketball; 40 enjoyed baseball; 40 enjoyed football; 20 enjoyed basketball and football; 22 enjoyed baseball and basketball; 27 enjoyed football and baseball; and 12 enjoyed all 3 sports. How many of the 70 students interviewed didn’t follow any one of the three sports?

2. Delia went to mail a package to her Aunt Maude in Minneapolis. It cost $2.75 to mail the package, but all she had was stamps worth 15 cents and 20 cents. She had to peel and press 16 stamps, using the 15 cent and 20 cent stamps to total $2.75. How many 15 and 20 cent stamps did Delia have to peel and press to send Aunt Maude’s package to Minneapolis?

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