Learning Strategies presentation


As you continues your journey, you are asked to teach your fellow classmates about various learning strategies related to academic success.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that helps teach other students about achieving academic success in college.

Your presentation should contain the sections listed below.

  • Include an introduction slide.
  • Explain how memory relates to learning new information.
  • Provide information on reading strategies.
  • Discuss some note-taking strategies.
  • Discuss the types of learning styles, and state your preference.
  • Identify the learning strategies that you will use to secure your academic success in college.
  • Include a references slide, and list all sources that were used.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of at least 10 slides. You must include a title slide and a references slide that lists the sources in APA format; however, these slides will not count toward meeting the minimum slide requirement. You must include at least one reference, which can be your textbook.

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