Labor Unions, management assignment help

Your assignment:

Look over the following list from the Overview page:

As you recall we began the course by considering many different internal and external factors that might impact relationships at work. For example:

  • Employer Rights Company Policy & Work Rules
  • Management Actions Wage and Salary Plans
  • Employee Privacy Employee Benefits
  • Supervisory Actions Work Design
  • Economic Conditions Available Information
  • Work Assignments Technology
  • Employee/Co-worker Actions Performance Management
  • Labor Unions Company Practices
  • Laws & Regulations HRM ProceduresWrite a 2- to 3-page paper in which you select one internal or external factor from above and analyze how it can positively or negatively impact work relationships. Be sure to bring in employer examples (stating employers by name). Also provide specific examples (for example, if you discuss “work assignments” provide actual examples of work assignments and how they could impact the workplace). Bring in 2 additional library sources (or more) to help strengthen your submission.

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