Inventory Controls Checklist

Week 5 Inventory Controls Checklist And Summary Paper

It goes without saying that the central office keeps a detailed inventory control, but when dealing with budgets and an influx of perpetual change, maintaining inventory control at the building level can be very helpful to you. Your text has an excellent checklist for your use in doing an inventory in your own building on pages 217-218.

Use this checklist to give you and your principal an idea of the inventory in your building. Review the 23 items listed there (some may not apply to your school, while you may need to add some that are not listed).

Write a one-page paper to summarize what you found and what changes might need to be made in your building as a result of this inventory.

Note: While you need to mark all 23 items as you are doing your inventory, using N/A to indicate those that are not applicable and adding anything that applies to your building that may not be on the list, you do not have to address all 23 in your paper. In an era of budget cuts in education, choose two or three that you feel are very important when you looked at those areas that are well addressed; do the same for weaknesses that you found.

You will submit both the completed checklist and your paper.
Your paper should address the following items:

  1. A summary of what you found (the good, the bad, and the ugly).
  2. Were there areas that were addressed well (i.e. system used for inventory is efficient)?
  3. Were there problems in what you found (i.e. procedure for the disposal of outdated materials)?
  4. An idea or ideas for fixing the problems.

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