I need a reply post to the below essay in 170 words using acdemically reviewed articles and in APA format

Article 1: Big data and management.

This article explains big data as the collection of data and information for purposes of analyzing the trends and patterns people practice when transacting with financial institutions. This information related to the individuals is used by financial institutions to determine their creditworthiness and enhance customer relations (George, 2014). George explains that most current trends in this industry show how crucial it is for these facilities to collect detailed information for them to engage in transactions with the clients. The banking industry utilizes big data to perform data analysis which makes them gain qualitative information. This makes this industry to acquire adequate information that helps improve their services to customers. Big data also form a basis for the decision-making process because it avails information that the banking industry use as references.

Article 2: Data mining with big data.

According to this article, information that clients provide to financial institutions deserve a high level of privacy and confidentiality. Sharing this is a breach of client rights and therefore the banking industry should create awareness to their clients on how they use their data that is collected during the registration process (Wu, 2014). USA laws that govern data storage requires all financial institutions to inform their clients the type of information they want to collect from them, where it will be stored and how they will use it. Wu outlines that data security involves enforcing strategies that guarantee confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. A financial institution, therefore, has to implement strong authentication procedures to ensure clients data is protected from unauthorized access.

The relationship between the two topics

These topics are related in that they operate in the financial institutions and suggest some changes they need to implement. They both explain how big data helps to improve quality on decision making which has a great impact on the security of data. They consider the fact that financial institutions have to give customers an opportunity to contribute to how their data is being used. Lastly, these two articles explain how bankers have different perspectives concerning the provision of quality services and client data security.

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