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Please answer with about 70 words. It is an total of 7 questions.

CHAPTER 1 Strategic Human Resource Management

1. What is strategic human resource management, and what is HR’s role in the strategic planning process?


1. How would an organization’s business be affected if HR did not “have a seat at the table?”


1. According to DeCenzo (2013), HR’s strategic role in the business planning process is to determine the best way to align people so they can achieve organization goals. HR departments have three main roles;

  • Transactional work: administrative work on individuals, like payroll and administering employee benefits
  • Tactical work: developing solutions that benefit employee work groups
  • Strategic work: aligning services that are linked to goals

What would a successful HR strategic plan include?


1. Why all managers should have human resource management knowledge and skills?


1. “Proper selection is a substitute for socialization.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain

2. It is imperative that new employees go through the socialization process with their new employer. This process starts with the pre-arrival stage. During this stage, the organization recognizes that each individual arrives with a set of values, attitudes, culture and expectations. When the employee actually starts their new position, they enter the encounter stage where the individual confronts the possible contrast between their expectations about jobs, coworkers, supervisors and the organization in general with reality. Finally, the employee moves into the metamorphosis stage where he/she works out the inconsistencies discovered during the encounter stage (DeCenzo, 2013).

How can a socialization process benefit the organization and the employee?

3. What are your thoughts on Managing Organizational Change and Development?

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