HR Assignment 1

Question 1:

  • Discuss the evolution of the HR role from administrative to strategic.What factors were involved in this transition? Why is it important for HR to be involved in the organizational strategic planning process? What types of skills are needed by HR professionals today and why are they important (name at least 3)? How are they different from the skills needed 20 or 30 years ago?
  • Reflect on the HR function in your current organization or an organization you have worked for.Evaluate the HR role in the organization and discuss the alignment between HR priorities and the organizational strategy (do not name the organization). In other words, did you see evidence of a strategic focus?Why or why not?

Question 2:

  • Select three functional areas of HR (i.e. recruiting, selection, training and development, compensation etc.) and, for each one, discuss how that function supports the HR and organizational strategy.Provide specific examples of goals and outcomes that support organizational success.
  • Consider the organization you work for or one you have worked for in the past.Evaluate the effectiveness of the HR function overall and at least one specific functional area (do not name the organization).Share at least one HR program or initiative that you found particularly effective and discuss how it supported the organization’s strategy.Why was it effective?

Question 3:

A) Discuss how an organization’s diversity strategy can support the business strategy. Provide at least three specific examples and explain why and how they support organizational success.

B) Consider the organization you work at or one you have worked at in the past and evaluate the diversity program.How was it effective and how did support the strategic goals of the organization? If it was not effective, explain what factors made it ineffective.

Question 10:

  • How are motivation and engagement related to employee retention?Do you see a difference between the concepts of job satisfaction and employee engagement?What factors might contribute to job satisfaction and engagement? Explain your answer.
  • Think about a job where you have been employed for many years. What factors influenced your job satisfaction?What factors influenced your decision to stay and why? Consider a job where you had a short tenure.What factors influenced your job dissatisfaction?What factors contributed to your resignation and what factors could have made you stay?Which were within the organization’s control?

Question 11:

  • Discuss the interrelationships between recruiting, selection and retention.Why is it important to consider retention as part of the selection process? How would you evaluate your recruiting and selection programs to determine the impact on employee retention?
  • Consider your organization or one where you have been recently employed. What are some strategies used by human resource managers to retain employees?Are they effective?Why or why not?

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