How would the FBI categorize this type of serial killer?

Sally pays her utility bill using someone else’s credit information. What is the best description of her activity? (Points : 1)
Identity theft
Internet piracy

Question 2.2.The famous Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, where seven mobsters were gunned down in a Chicago warehouse, is an example of __________ murder. (Points : 1)

Question 3.3.A serial killer says he murdered six homeless men because “they were the scum of the earth.” How would the FBI categorize this type of serial killer? (Points : 1)

Question 4.4.__________ is an example of a community program that teaches anger and conflict management. (Points : 1)
Keep Yourself Alive
Neighborhood Watch
Area Council on Ageing
Safe Haven

Question 5.5.An Indonesian woman who is illegally transported and forced to work as a maid in a Saudi Arabian household would be an example of which form of human trafficking? (Points : 1)
Debt bondage labor
Voluntary domestic servitude
Involuntary domestic servitude
Forced child labor

Question 6.6.According to the National Counter-Terrorism Center, which continent experiences the most terrorist attacks? (Points : 1)
North America

Question 7.7.Females of which ethnic minority report the least amount of intimate partner violence? (Points : 1)
Asian/Pacific Islander
American Indian
Alaska Native

Question 8.8.Which pairing represents the highest rate of homicides of children under 5 by gender of offender and victim? (Points : 1)
Male on male
Female on male
Male on female
Female on female

Question 9.9.Which of the following actions reflects someone who is reducing their risk of victimization? (Points : 1)
Carrying a gun in a purse
Covering a laptop in a car with a blanket
Not dating people from the same dorm
Chasing a burglar from a residence

Question 10.10.When drugs are involved, the likelihood of ____________. (Points : 1)

date rape remains the same as without drugs
the victim reporting date rape is greater
the victim reporting date rape is lower
the rapist being caught is higher


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