How do you believe they are able to do this?


One paragraph for each question

One paragraph 5-7 sentences.

Question #1

Private prison operators contend they are able to operate prisons cheaper than federal and state government agencies and make a profit. How do you believe they are able to do this?

One paragraph 4-6 sentences.

Question #2

Discuss the ways in which children are vulnerable when a parent is incarcerated, focusing on the Mother in particular. Complete your post using information which formed your opinion

One paragraph 4-6 sentences.

Question #3

We have discussed the importance of gender-based programming when working with incarcerated women. Since most prison programs were first designed for male prison populations, they do not address the most significant issues in the backgrounds of incarcerated women. In your discussion review these issues and discuss the importance of acknowledging gender in designing treatment programs for women offenders.

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