healthcare management..

healthcare management..

Assignment 3: New Hire Orientation Program

You are an HR specialist for a primary care facility.  You have recently hired five new nurses to work at your facility.  You have to develop a 30-minute employee orientation program for these new hires. Prepare in not more than four pages an outline of the program in the attached template.  Explain the content and activities you want to cover in the orientation and give rationale to justify their inclusion. Identify two HR management competencies needed to successfully complete the orientation.  Submit the outline of the new hire orientation program

Orientation Program – An Outline

Serial Number

Content / Activity


Rationale for Inclusion


Maximum Points

GR1 Identified and described the activities that could be included in the new hire employee orientation program.

30 points
GR2 Provided rationale for the inclusion of various activities in the orientation program including the impact on the corporate culture.

30 points
GR3 Identified at least two HR management competencies needed to successfully complete the orientation.

30 points
GR4 Used correct grammar, spelling, and word choice and cited all sources as per the APA style. 10 points
Overall Score Total Score 0 or more

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