Grad 695 Harrisburg Anonymizing Voice Input in Mobile Devices

In the continuity of the chose topic (attached document) we have to cover the below mentioned points.

Submit your literature review here. The literature review must have headings operationalized from the topic. The contents under the headings must come from scholarly articles that have been reviewed and critiqued.

Other components of the literature review must include factors affecting the study, review of existing methods, review of existing theories, and theoretical framework. The theoretical framework must explain the interactions of variables to cause and solve the problem being investigated. Every claim made in this paper must be backed by pieces of scholarly evidence. In-text citations must match articles in the reference list. The rule of thumb is that each page of this literature review must review, at least, 4 articles from different scholars.

The literature review must be an MS-Word document written in APA style. The number of pages is not the issue; the content is what counts. Submit also a PPT on your literature review. It must not be more than 5 slides.

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