four successful accounts of corporate entrepreneurship

Portfolio Project

The Walden B.S. program includes a student portfolio project for each course, which is an evolutionary collection of work-related products that are specific to the subject of the course. Portfolios are organized in a systematic manner for the purpose of communicating and demonstrating what a student has learned and achieved in the context of the course. This concept facilitates the application of theory learned in the course by providing the student with an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter in the context of student professional goals and competencies. The portfolio also enhances the assessment of student practice-related skills, which are difficult to measure through traditional comprehensive examinations.

In BUSI 1001, you developed a design and comprehensive outline for the Student Portfolio. Each portfolio project you complete during the Walden program will become one of the work samples in the Student Portfolio.


For the Portfolio Project in this course, you will be tasked with finding four successful accounts of corporate entrepreneurship. The paper should follow APA style and formatting.

Create an original essay of 3 pages, entitled “Corporate Entrepreneurship: Four Cases.” Search for four accounts of successful corporateentrepreneurship and utilize the information contained in Item 4 on p. 58 of the course text Entrepreneurship. In writing your paper, determine: What key factors for success are common among all these accounts? Which are unique? If one company can foster an entrepreneurial climate within an existing firm, what stops another company from copying its processes and taking away the initial advantage?

Your Portfolio must be carefully edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, format, and APA adherence.

The paper should include:

  • Title page
  • Page numbers
  • Main headings for each section (names of the four corporations)
  • Sub-headings as necessary to stay organized and to provide clarity for the reader
  • In-text citations (not footnotes)
  • Reference list (must use at least four outside references in APA format)

The 3 page length specification is for the main body of the paper and does not include the title or reference pages.

The assignment must be posted by Day 7 of Week 6.

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