formal organization design elements and informal design elements


10–12 PowerPoint slides with 200 words of speaker notes per slide, 3 SOURCES, -20%OV, APA FORMAT

Your client currently has a functional organization and is not familiar with what the design process entails. The client has the idea that there must be one best design and has asked that you recommend that best design to the company so that it can implement it right away. At this point, you feel the need to educate the client on the organization design process.

To educate the client, create a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on the following:

Why is it important to diagnose the organization before choosing a new design?

What difference will organization diagnosis make on the outcome?

What are some of the various design possibilities (at least 2 others besides functional)?

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of each?

How is the most appropriate redesign assessed?

What is the difference between analysis of formal organization design elements and informal design elements (e.g., casual communication systems, or corporate culture)?

The presentation should include at least 2 organizational models other than the functional design model, and the slides need to exhibit professional media and informational design principles.

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