examining new health care changes

  1. Watch one news program of depth such as;      “Washington Week in Review”,  “Meet      the Press”, “This Week”, “Face the Nation” etc

a.  Outline the amount of time spent on factually examining new health care changes or other health care issues.  (This can include world health or U.S. issues. Example:  Ebola Virus coverage). (Outline format is acceptable 1-2 pages/double spaced.)

b. Describe the controversial issues within the current health care topics discussed in the program. (If health care is not the focus, describe issues that were related like budgets etc.… that can impact health care).

c. What is the predicted outcome of the discussions for health practitioners and people in the United States and around the world, according to the panel participants?

d. Record the time spent on commercials, and describe the types of commercials shown during this news broadcast

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