ethics in business world today

You can find the case on the link bellow.

At the end of this case study exercise, students should be able to:

  1. Engage in what it means to act ethically in today’s business world;
  2. Understand that decisions are strongly influenced by broader factors such as culture,
    organizational design, and decision-makers’ values;
  3. Think critically about ethical dilemmas and how to voice their values in response to
    those dilemmas

Using the “Eight Steps to Sound Ethical Decision Making in Business” refer to these questions to organize your presentation

  1. Why did the Deepwater Horizon disaster happen? How did a company known for being a relatively good corporate citizen become in involved in what many argue is the nation’s worst environmental disaster? What were the organizational issues, and information and decision making issues and how did they lead to the Deepwater Horizon disaster?
  2. How did the ability of individuals to voice their values effectively (or not) contribute to the Deepwater Horizon disaster?
  3. In order to prevent (or at least mitigate) the Deepwater Horizon disaster, who should have done what, when, where, and why? Who should have stepped up to stop this disaster? In order to answer this question ask the following – who should have done what, when, where and most importantly why. Draw on the various approaches as you see fit. Also, take note of the challenges that may be experienced based on cognitive biases as discussed in week 3 Example – Why did the voice of more time, more resources, more caution consistently lose out in these decisions/debates? Is it because they were not as convincing? Did they not make their arguments strong enough? What was going on?
  4. If you became the new CEO of BP, what would you do in the short- and long-term to change the company’s culture and organizational design?

Content should be organized in a clear and logical manner using headings.
Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling and references. Language is clear and precise.
Presentation is 20 minutes.

( So, what I basically need is to solve the case and provide answers to the questions AND ALSO prepare a powerpoint presentation for the requirements above. )

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