Ethical Controversy


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 Ethical Controversy

Identify a current ethical controversy that you want to learn more about in business, media, technology, medicine, or bioethics. Write a three-page analysis on the major sides in the controversy. In your analysis paper, you need to:

  • Define the issue and include the following details:
    • People involved
    • Field (business, media, technology, medicine, or bioethics)
    • Purpose
    • Time period
    • Discuss the major positions being taken in the debate.
  • Conclude with your own reflections and opinions on the subject.

Submission Requirements:

  • Write the paper in APA format including introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Add the following sections in APA format:
    • Cover Page
    • Header
    • Page Numbers
    • References Page
  • Use 12-point Arial font and double space.

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