ENG 1301 Risk Associated with Social Networking

I need a rough draft completed and here are the rough draft stipulations:

The rough draft does not have a page limit. You should submit your research question, at least two bibliographic entries, and one complete annotation for evaluation.

This draft will receive feedback from me that must be used on the final draft. This draft will be graded based on clarity, effectiveness, accuracy, and inclusion of the required elements listed (punctuation, grammar, sentence structure does not need to be polished, but should be understandable).

Also these things need to be in the rough draft as well please:

Authors that fail to view and incorporate the rough draft feedback from me (not the peer review) into their final draft will be penalized at least 10 points. Essays that are not annotated bibliographies (either don’t include the bibliographic entry or fail to include effective annotations) will receive an F (50%). Short essays will be penalized at least 10 points

i have attached the way and how it needs to be completed. Thank you

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