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1: So you believe the workers can set the organizational culture?  Probably, in some businesses.  for instance, if you go into a store and the salespeople are not very friendly,  than the culture of the organization certainly is not one of helping the customer.  But then again, is it the worker, or the leaders who allow that type of behavior?

2:I am a huge advocate for being a lifelong learner. I always found it strange tha

t people decided to stop learning after their “formal” education years were over. I agree with Mr. Kinicki in his statement that people that stop learning, stop getting promoted. Being a lifelong learner can help you earn more money in the traditional employment areas and can create a gateway to self-employment as well. It will also help us become better leaders and aide in a better connections with people. It helps an individual be more interesting and influential. I desire to continue learning and growing throughout all my days.

3:We have an influence on those that are around us, both our families and friends but also our coworkers, managers, customers the list never stops. We must continue to learn because there are many that are not learning so we have to be the difference makers. We can shine in our jobs and careers as well as in our communities lets keep learning and applying our skill sets

4; The OB skills that are learned within a job will help you get promoted once you are in the position. Learning interpersonal leadership skills will aide in moving up in a company. Organizational behavior is the study of attitudes and behavior of individuals and groups in organizations. It can help in furthering your career because it will offer a better understanding of how the organization is run and what the expectations are of the management. Knowing how individuals act within an organization and how employees interact with one another. The more you know the better your OB skills will become.

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