Digital Convergence and Digital Nation

com class

COM 126 Rock and Roll Edition

Spring 2018

February 5, 2018

Lab 2

Due by the start of class on Monday February 12

Digital Convergence (Chapter 2) and Digital Nation – The PBS Frontline Film

This is a two-part lab. If you need to review Digital Nation , you can find it here:

For textbook chapter 2, see:


In 400 words, please answer the following is essay format – not Q&A:

1. What did you learn from the film that you were unaware of before?

2. What surprised you? What made you think?

3. In detail, what did you agree and disagree with? Why?

4. Did you feel the reporters/narrators/producers were objective, or did they appear to have a bias going in? Why do you feel that way?

5. Include any other comments, observations, thoughts, etc.

6. Did the experiences of any of the high school or college students seem similar to your own experiences? How so? What was different?

7. What parts of the film seemed outdated to you? Would you recommend using in next time this course is offered? Why or why not?

Now insert a page break.

Part II: Digital Convergence (Chapter 2)

write a brief paper (400 words) on how the internet has affected/impacted that specific area. What changes has the internet caused? What type of developments or changes may happen in the future?

ECONOMIC: The internet and impact on buying/selling online. The eBay phenomenon. What the internet does for consumers (information provider, marketplace access, etc.). What industries have been impacted (retail, travel, services, etc.)? How? What about the ability to work from home? Is that always a good thing? What’s the downside?

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