develop the data center design and security plan.

This week you will develop the data center design and security plan.

Design an enterprise data center solution that expands the campus LAN network, which has reached its capacity.

The design must include the following:

A logically separated WLAN infrastructure that can be integrated into the existing enterprise network

Data flows between segments of the enterprise network – public (outside), DMZ, private, and data center

Incorporate feedback you  received from your instructor on the diagram from the Week Two  Individual Assignment, “West Consulting Modular Design Proposal.” Use  this revised diagram, and the information from all previous assignments,  as the basis for this diagram.

Create a high-level network security policy that identifies key network security measures.

Include the following components:

List of network assets and their use(s)

Potential threats and vulnerabilities in which assets need to be  protected from including; open ports, malware, viruses, and specific  types of attacks

Detailed security methods you will use to protect these assets and how they will be implemented

A high-level incident handling process for two of the network  attacks you identified, including whom to contact (by role), what should  happen to the asset, and how to protect data

Diagram your data center design in Microsoft Visio.

Document your security policy as a:

A 2- to 3- page Microsoft® Word document

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