Describe the job.

Now that you have chosen the job- Credit Card Company, which you find morally/ethically objectionable, for your final term paper, you must:
1. Describe the job.
2. Describe why you find the job morally/ethically objectionable.
3. Using the ethical theories that we have discussed in class, discuss whether or not the requirements of the job pass or fail each of the five ethical theories, which we have discussed. (Egoism, Utilitarianism, Deontology, Care Ethics, and Virtue Ethics, see Ethics Introduction.docx).
4. Answer the following questions: Does your examination of any of the ethical theories change your position on finding the job morally/ethically objectionable? Why or Why Not?

Your Paper should be 10 pages, APA style. However, please spell-check and be careful with your grammar. I am most interested in your analysis and thoughtful consideration of the ethical theories. If you support your point of view, you will be successful in this assignment.


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