Cross-cultural Negotiation and Decision Making

International Management

Short Essay 2 Instructions


  • Culture in Business, or
  • Cross-cultural Negotiation and Decision Making

You should submit the following:

  • Choose one topic among the topic for the specific week.
  • Search for a recent article (within 6 months) related to the topic of the week in an online business newspaper or business magazine of your choice (e.g., Fortune, Inc., Business Week, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Money, etc.).
  • Submit the following, in a word document, using Turnitin tool (submission via email or message will not be accepted):
  • A summary of the article (150-250 words)
  • How the article relates to the topic selected (100-150 words)
  • The link to the article
  • Attach a PDF copy of the original article

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