Critiques For Advertising

Critiques For Advertising

Class: Marketing


All students are required to complete 2 advertisements reviews/critiques. A critique completed for an advertisement within each of the following categories:

Critique #1) Local business ad.

Critique # 2) National/International business.

Ad You may critique print, or billboards in these critique options. A critique is taking your opinions and thoughts about another’s person’s work and describing or suggesting improvements, or changes. You will come across several advertisements throughout the semester and I want you to be able to constructively criticize another person’s work. There is no such thing as a perfect advertisement and therefore your job is to find what is missing to make it “better”.

Remember advertising is about informing, persuading and reminding. You need to reassure your ideas and suggestions meet these requirements. You will explain in DETAIL your opinions and suggestions and tell me why you think the changes are needed and why you think your ideas will work. Specifically, what would you do differently and why? Keeping this all in a 1-2-page synopsis, will be a challenge but less is more in advertising. I am looking for quality not quantity.

A copy of the Ad must accompany your critique. Answer all of the following questions, in addition to adding your opinions and explanations:

• This advertisement is for __________ (name of the company) that sells ________ (product) to ____________ (target audience)

• What are the key message(s) communicated in the advertisement?

• Was this ad effective in convincing you to use the product? Why?

• Did you learn from the ad? Did it provide factual information or evoke an emotional response?

• Verbally what does the ad say or does it speak through visual appeal? How does the illustration  demonstrate the product? Does the illustration attract attention (positive or negative?)

• What is the promise of benefit offered by the ads headline?

• What action does this ad tell readers to take?

• Would this ad be offensive or demeaning? If yes, why and to whom?

• Rate the ad on a scale of 1 to 10 in regard to overall composition of the ad (1 poor to 10 terrific) Is the ad award worthy? Why?

There is voice memos about the assignment.

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