Consequentialism theory Assignment


“Applying” ideas is the next step in learning, following understanding (which follows retrieval). In other words, to apply ideas, one must first retrieve, then understand, and then apply. Upon retrieving and understanding, show that you can apply these ideas by applying the abstract ideas from this text in a concrete situation to solve a problem or relate it to prior experience. Use ONE of the following prompts to guide your writing:

How would you make use of this ethical theory?

How does this ethical theory apply to something in your life?

How does this ethical theory apply to an issue we face as a society?

  • How could you apply what you have read to construct an ideal society?
  • Do you know another instance where this ethical theory would be helpful/illuminating?
  • Using what you know, how would you design a list of guidelines for moral behavior?
  • Utilize this ethical theory to solve a moral problem.
  • Is there a way to demonstrate the usefulness of this theory?
  • Can you apply the method used in this text to some experience of your own?

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