Communicating for results

Write a 500-700 word self-assessment of the results of the Managerial Survey of Communication Styles and your reaction to them. Please take some time to personally consider what the results mean in terms of your readiness to manage others in a business or non-profit setting and the seriousness of your effort in taking the assessment.


1.Describe your preferred style and characteristics as determined by the survey results.

2.How will that style effect your interactions with your subordinates, your peers and customers?

3.Where are your perceived areas of weakness where you need to be aware or make adjustments?

4.In what ways will you seek to improve your areas of weakness: what is your plan of action?

5.Can you make a link to your faith journey, your calling or a scriptural connection that you perceived?

These are my results — Employee Tendency Indicator —
Open score: 96
Blind score: 23
Hidden score: 37
Closed score: 24

— Manager Tendency Indicator —
Open score: 90
Blind score: 32
Hidden score: 36
Closed score: 22

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