Collaborative Memorandum

Technical Writing

assignment 3: Collaborative Memorandum. Due: March 4, 2018

Write an e-mail message to your instructor in memorandum form explaining the

process that you would use to select one or two classmates from our class with whom to

form a collaborative writing team for working together on selected assignments.

Assignments such as the Progress Report, the Proposal, and the Feasibility Report may

Be approached with a small team not to exceed three persons. How would you go about

selecting a team with whom to work?

Refer to Chapter 7, “E-Mails, Texts, Memos, and Letters.”

Read Chapter 4, “Achieving a Readable Style.”

See pages discussing cultures and multiculturalism in Index section of your textbook and

these pages in your textbook referred to in Index Section: pp.54, 310, 327-329, 17.

You may submit Assignment 3 as an E-mail message but use a memo format and current


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