chasing the dragon, communications homework help

Write about your observations and thoughts regarding this type of crisis.

  • You will identify the individual you wish to focus on, who is in crisis and discuss the impact the crisis has on the individual, family and community.
  • Does this also impact the family and professionals working with this crisis situation? Explain based on the secondary trauma and burnout information discussed earlier in the semester from Case Study #1. 3.5 pts
  • APA formatting required should be no more than 3pgs. Write concisely about your thoughts.
  • Using the 6-Step model of Crisis intervention provided please discuss all 6 areas regarding the individual you chose to focus on.
  • You may not spend a lot of time in each area, but this is an exercise in beginning to think critically on 1 way crisis situations are handled. Remembering that there is a family and community component to every potential choice. 2.5pts
  • When assessing the interactions what would be a potential successful outcome? 1 pts

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