changes in business software platforms

Management information system questions

Assignment 1

This assignment has Four parts:

1. What changes in business software platforms have you experienced, and what was the driving force behind the change?

2. What important trends in business hardware are occurring?  What relationship do you see happening between hardware changes and software?  In your experience, which seems to drive the other and why?

3. How important do you perceive databases and data mining to business?  How could a small business take advantage of the technology?

4. In your opinion, should software dictate business processes or should the business process dictate the software structure?  Why?  What are the risks?

Assignment 2 This assignment has three parts:

1. Is information systems (IS) performance linked to business performance?  Share a specific company example that you feel supports your position.

2. Based on your knowledge, what types of products do not fit well in the E-commerce model?  Why?

3. Have you ever been involved in any step of the System development life cycle? If so, what did you learn? If not, how does the system development life cycle impact an organization?

Assignment 3

This assignment has three parts:

1. In your experience, have you found an effective decision making process useful in all situations?  Explain why or why not.

2. How do you see a decision support system aiding business?  How can it be detrimental?

3. Which one of the three: Decision Support, Executive Support and Group decision-support systems do you believe is more useful for an organization and why?

Assignment 4

This assignment has three parts:

1. Knowing that global business models are constantly changing, how do you perceive IT systems helping or hindering the change process? Explain

2. What elements do you believe should be included in Disaster Recovery planning and why?

3. Companies may abuse or ethically misuse information systems in regard to customers and employees.  Have you or someone you know experienced such abuse? If so, how was it handled? If not, how would you begin to take steps to eliminate such abuse or misuse?

Grading Criteria

Answers should be substantives, each answers don’t necessarily have to be a paragraph, elaborates on all parts of the topics

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