Business Ethics and Human Resource Management

Answer the below questions in 250 words each.

Applied Business Ethics

1)What aspects of the UN Declaration of Human Rights are unrealistic today? (250 Words)

2)Are the best places to work the most profitable? Are they the most ethical? (250 Words)

Human Resource Management

3)Alfie Kohn and Mark Stiffler have very different views of the effectiveness of incentive programs. Which do you think makes the most sense? Why? (250 Words)

4)Mello elaborates on why employees join unions. What are other considerations that may influence employees to join a union? With unionization on the downturn, why should an organization be concerned about labor relations? (250 Words)

5)The federal government seems to be actively involved in discussions regarding executive pay and the rights/obligations of shareholders concerning this topic. Should this area of private sector commerce be regulated by government? (250 Words)

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