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The different Architectural style in Miami

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Chengmin Zhu

The past several decades have the rapid development of society. More and more people have enough money to move to new houses and abandon their old buildings, because of the increase in income. More and more people come to Miami and built their own house here, especially near the Miami Beach. As we all know, Miami’s Mediterranean Renaissance architecture is very popular, but Miami has the world’s largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the historic Miami Beach Art Deco District. In other American cities, people can see the sumptuous and splendor buildings. It’s very different from the Architecture in Miami. Therefore, the Art Deco building style is the point that I want to talk about in this paper. The Art Deco style in Miami is cause of weather and geography, culture and history. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: What does this mean? Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Where? Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Proof? Source? Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: ? Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Is this the thesis? If so, it needs to be developed more. Are you saying Art Deco is a result of weather, geography, culture and history? Can’t that be all architecture?

According to the website of Creater Miami and The Beaches, the history of Art Deco architecture in Miami Beach is from 20th-century. The first 20th-century neighborhood to be recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District is made up of 800+ buildings and structures built between 1923 and 1943. When decades of neglect nearly caused Miami’s Art Deco scene to be demolished, a named Barbara Baer Capitman founded the Miami Design Preservation League, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the appearance and integrity of the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District. It was through her hard work and perseverance that Art Deco in Miami gained national protection, motivating designers and developers to bring out the area’s Art Deco elements and restore its pastel-hued boutique hotels to their original style. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Give date Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: A what? Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Doing what exactly? Explain.

Art deco, which originated from the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th century. It is an important genre in the history of world architecture. Art Deco, a postmodernist reproduction style, is called “the most exciting decoration of the 20th century Artistic style “, more and more people are respected. For example, the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York, United States, the common feature is the rich line decoration and the outline of the structure of the layer by layer retreat. Although Art Deco is a modern art movement, it also affects many other aspects of architecture. The name for this movement is the first “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in Paris since 1925, but Art Deco is not the origin of this exhibition, it is actually A popular style in Europe in the early 1920s, it was influenced by primitive art from Indians in Africa, Egypt and Mexico, early works by the Vienna Industrial Organization Movement, Leon Bakst for the head of the Russian ballet, The stage background of the ballet by Sergei Diaghilev is influenced by many art styles such as costume design, Cubism, Futurism, Neoclassicism, jazz-style art and much more. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Who said this? Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: This sentence needs to be broken up; also, there are many ideas that need to be unpacked. Slow down here.

One important reason of Art Deco is the weather and geography in Miami. As we all know, in winter, the hurricanes always coming, and destroy the city, so the Miami government and citizens will not build the house as tall and complex as the East house. Because building the house like east require more cost also it is more difficult to build. Also, the buildings which has flat roofs are difficult to be destroyed. And because of underground water, the building cannot be high. Miami locate near sea; therefore, the highest ground is 4515 inches. And people who live in Miami drink water all from underground, because if people just dig 15 to 20 inches, they will get water that they can drink. Miami have a huge aquifer and close to ground. And when people want to build a high and huge building, then they need have a strong foundation. Therefore, the buildings in Miami cannot have high floors level, even though in Downtown Miami, there are few high buildings. But Miami is a travel city that means many people will go here to spend their holidays or travel, because of the wonderful weather, there is no winner, people can enjoy sunny day almost every day. Even in the coldest days in one year, the temperature in here is about 59 degrees. Since good weather here, the style of buildings goes to be art, people can easily remember this city because of the building style just like one art painting. It’s also one of the economy income in Miami. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: First direct reference to thesis Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: ? Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: You are losing focus here; where is the analysis?

Another reason affects the building style here is culture. As we all know, Miami also called little Havana and there are many Chicano. According to the Wikipedia, in 1959, the Cuban revolution brought down Fulgencio Batista. Fidel Castro came into power. A large number of Cuban refugees began to travel to Florida. In 1965 alone, there were 100,000 Cubans coming to Havana from Miami twice a day through “freedom flight.” Among the Mariel Boatlift in 1980, 150,000 Cubans arrived in Miami at one time, the largest non-military maritime cross-border operation in history. Unlike the ones in the 1960s, most of these refugees were poor. During this period, many non-Hispanic whites escaped from Miami, often referred to as “white flights.” (The famous movie “Scarface” is the backdrop to this event.) In 1960, 90% of Miami’s population was white, and by 1990 only about 10% remained. Cause there are too many Chicane here, and they bring the colorful style to the buildings, they made the wonderful contribution here. Also, Mexicans are passionate, they used it to the Architect in Miami, they use their colorful thoughts made Miami Beach became the beautiful landscape of the city view. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: I would take this paragraph out, not based in fact Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Miami is not called Little Havana; there are not a lot of Chicanos. Please research. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Not a viable source.

Last one is the history of Art Deco. Modern Architects’ desire for a new language, together with the need to rebel against traditional architecture and excessive decoration, lead to the ART DECO movement, which not only is visible in architecture, but also fashion, art, graphics, furniture, transportation and even household items. The style is mainly characterized by simple, clean, geometric lines.  As Art Deco arrived in The United States, so did the images of sleek cars and trains.  Angular shapes like zig-zags, and lightning-bolts became popular. Visible in Miami Beach, buildings were streamlined to look like ocean liners and a clear nautical theme can be discerned. Some features to expect in Art Deco Architecture are: simple, flat roofs and mosaic tiles. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Should go in the intro Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: Definitely better for an intro; let us know what it is.

In conclusion, the Art Deco in Miami is cause from weather and geography, culture and history in Miami. Miami’s Art Deco is different to other cities, it mixes the unique geographical environment, and the different ideas of people in here. It will attract countless tourists to find what it is. Comment by De Greff, Dana Reva: I would focus on geography and history, and maybe why it became so important, why it is necessary to protect.


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