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Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Purpose:聽聽To prepare for the term paper you will need to do some careful research.

路 The annotated bibliography is a list of citations for scholarly works (i.e., books, articles, etc.), with each citation being followed by a descriptive and critical paragraph.1

路 This paragraph, or annotation, is designed to inform the reader of the relevance, importance, and validity of the sources selected.1

路 The annotated bibliography should be considered a useful tool in the research process, and can be immensely helpful in identifying quality sources, and in organizing how those sources will be used in your research paper.

Content:聽The goal of this paper is to investigate a topic of interest in an international setting [i.e., a foreign country (developed or developing but聽NOT the United States)]. This annotated bibliography should include:

路聽THREE聽sources that have been deemed relevant to support your groups chosen topic.

路 At least two other sources besides the internet for the paper.

路 You may only include聽ONE聽web source for this assignment per person.

路 Examples of good sources for topics of this nature include: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and peer-reviewed journal articles (accessible through the OSU Library website), among others.

路 Your annotations need to be based on quality, unbiased, accurate sources.

路 If you have questions on what constitutes a 鈥済ood鈥 source, please let me know.

Requirements:聽The annotated bibliography must be done in a scholarly fashion. As such, it should include:

路 appropriate language, grammar, and punctuation for a collegiate-level writing assignment.

路 sources all must be presented in APA format.

路 Failure to do any of these may have negative impacts on your grade for this assignment.

1. APA format. The citations should be organized alphabetically by author.聽

2. The annotation should be concise, but still contain enough detail to summarize the source (approx. 4-5 sentences). Please do your best to synthesize the information in your own words. Do聽NOT聽copy/paste the abstract from a source.

3.聽Following the summary, in one to two sentences, explain how the source is relevant to your chosen paper topic.

4. Follow this web address for additional information about annotated bibliographies

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