Analyze the impact of various accounting and finance decisions.

1200 Word Master Project

You are a chief operations manager at a hospital.

  1. Identify the functions and goals of financial management.
  2. Analyze the impact of various accounting and finance decisions.
  3. Understand working capital management.
  4. Evaluate capital budgeting projects.
  5. Manage operational budgets.
  6. Discuss the role of ethics and professional responsibility for managers as it relates to an organization’s financial matters.

Specifically, to demonstrate your achievement, you will prepare a  1200 word paper on how you see the impact and application of accounting  and finance through the rest of your career. The word-count should not  include the title page, certificate of authorship, references or long  quotes – in other words, the goal is for you to provide 1200 words  of original thought.

Reflect on the topics above – How will it help you to be a more successful manager and leader?

At a minimum, you should include discussion on the impact of finance  and accounting decisions, determining financial health, evaluating  capital budgeting projects, and managing of operational budgets. You  should weave the ideas of professional responsibility and ethics  throughout your paper.

The paper should contain a minimum of 5 academic references (do NOT  cite Wikis or other “resource” or anonymous websites) and should be  written in APA format with in-text citations and a reference page.

This assignment is designed to make you think about the ways that  finance and accounting impact business life and how it will  continue to impact your business life as you advance throughout your  professional career.

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