advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing

Management Information Systems

 Cloud computing was discussed in the unit lesson and textbook reading as the fastest growing form of computing. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing. If you were an IT Manager, what would be some of your most important considerations and why? (75 words)
  • · New information technologies can have a powerful impact on a business and IT strategies. Please provide one example of a new infrastructure-based technology and describe its impact on IT strategy. (75 words)
  • · Identify the primary differences between Wi-Fi and WiMax. (75 words)
  • · Explain the concept of on-demand computing. Please provide an example. (75 words)
  • · Assignment Instructions: Create a PowerPoint presentation
  • for the chief information officer that provides an overview of two areas that you want to update based on emerging technologies. Imagine that you are an IT manager charged with keeping up with current technology. Be sure to provide the new technologies’ capabilities and the advantages they will bring to the organization. Addresses the importance of software, hardware, and telecommunications to a business. This involves the support of current and new, emerging technologies to the business.
  • presentations: 
  • Be sure to cite all sources used in a reference slide with proper APA formatting. Be sure to provide at least two scholarly sources from the CSU Online Library. Your PowerPoint presentation must contain eight to ten slides; the cover and reference slides do not count in the length requirement. 
  • Below you will find a helpful resource created by the CSU Success Center on developing APA-style PowerPoint presentations: 

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